Professional Drinking Book

Coming in 2020

Far too often, powerful and intelligent executives are reduced to a quivering mess of jelly when handed the wine list at a fine restaurant—completely out of their element and wary of being embarrassed in front of important business partners. Unfortunately, the only way to learn has been by making mistakes, which is mostly how I did it,  or perhaps through a friendly and knowledgeable business associate.

Professional Drinking takes that on, giving a clear understanding of entertaining around wine and spirits including the basics of booze, how to handle yourself like a pro in a restaurant, at a business event, on a social occasion and at home. If you want to be comfortable in all these settings and learn a bunch of great tips and have a few laughs along the way—this is the book for you.

Thirty years of experience in the business world, entertaining all over the world around fine food and drink has given me some insight to business entertaining and professional drinking. I’m also a certified sommelier and hold an Advanced designation from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. I hope you will find me that knowledgeable and humorous business friend that will help you avoid those embarrassing missteps (because I’ve probably made all of them).

My father introduced to wine and spirits.  Initially sweet cordials after holiday dinners as a youth, but I remember a case of wine he was gifted by a business associate.  It was a 1982 Chateau Haut-Brion.  This was an incredible first growth Bordeaux and possibly one of the best years in a very long time at that time.  He would open a bottle and cook up a nice steak every time I came home from college and we would indulge.  I never knew wine could be like this and it changed my views and interests in this mysterious beverage.  As W.C. Fields said, “It was my first wife that drove me to drink.  I’ve never written to thank her.”   In my case, it was my father that started me on my journey with wine and spirits.

During years of business entertaining I was able to refine my palate a bit, but few wines equaled that magical case of red wine my father served.  Over time, I shifted to an attitude of gratitude over wine. 

Many people take wine too seriously—especially in professional settings. It’s designed to loosen people up and to have a good time. To be fun.

That led me to my most basic wine rule: There is no such thing as bad wine. There are actually very few bad wines out there and all wine fits a purpose—even cheap wine. If you’re getting the chance to sip wine with friends—any wine—while having a great time, what could be better?

That starts with following two simple rules:

  • Rule #1 – Like Ice Cream, Sex, and Pizza, there is no bad Wine
  • Rule #2 – Wine is Fun

So grab a glass, find a comfy seat and let’s explore the world of professional drinking together.