A Simple Way to Find Your Wine Glass at a Table

I have worked with hundreds of CEOs and executives over the years in my career as a coach. We’ve accomplished great things together like building game-changing business models, upending entire markets, and taking companies public.

Yet, in all that time, and among all the suggestions and feedback I have ever handed out, there is one piece of advice that my clients tell me is the best I have ever given. It involves a simple tip to remember which bread plate and water glass is yours when you go out to dinner.

I know: not what you were expecting, right? Well I can’t tell you how surprised I have been by the number of times my clients have come back and told me how useful this piece of advice is.

Now I’ll share it with you.

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Wine List Value Plays: Beaujolais

Beaujolais Cru Fleurie

I recently attended a wine tasting with all Beaujolais wines and I was reminded of what excellent values these wines represent.  The most interesting trend for me was the development of single vineyard Cru wines – and some of them showed real potential.

Enjoy a repost of this one

The wine list can be intimidating and especially when you are on a budget.  While its easy to step up to the plate and order the predictable and safe Caymus or SilverOak at $200 a bottle, there are plenty of places on a wine list where you can have an awesome bottle of wine and not break the bank.

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