How to Tell Your Server What Kind of Wine You Want

Clearly, the easiest way to tell a server or Sommelier what type of wine you want is to point to the one that you have selected on the list. Frankly, if you can do that and be comfortable with all the wine styles, you might know more than your server.  But that isn’t always so easy and the ability to give some useful guidance can yield you a better wine and dining experience.

There are a few basic approaches to communicating your preference

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Wine List Value Plays: Riesling

Dry Rieslings

All Rieslings are sweet and Yuck!  Perhaps double yuck and don’t you know sugar kills?

That’s how a lot of people feel about Rieslings and fortunately for the rest of us, they are dead wrong.  Rieslings are made in a range of sweetness from bone dry to luscious, dessert in a glass.  I suppose it is this preconceived notion that this elegant wine is always sweet is the reason it is out of favor and following the general and unfortunate downward slide of sweeter wines.

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Accessing Great Older Wines From Great Estates

It’s a little secret of the winemaking business – the makers don’t sell all their wine from their production.  They’ll typically hold back 10-20% of their production for future release.  These sit sleeping quietly in the caves and storage areas of each of the markers sometimes for 20, 30, 50 or even more years!  I’ve seen video (unluckily I wasn’t there) of European winemakers pulling our some wines that were 100 years old and drinking great.

So the question is, be sides buying the winery, how do we access these incredible gems?

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A Simple Way to Find Your Wine Glass at a Table

I have worked with hundreds of CEOs and executives over the years in my career as a coach. We’ve accomplished great things together like building game-changing business models, upending entire markets, and taking companies public.

Yet, in all that time, and among all the suggestions and feedback I have ever handed out, there is one piece of advice that my clients tell me is the best I have ever given. It involves a simple tip to remember which bread plate and water glass is yours when you go out to dinner.

I know: not what you were expecting, right? Well I can’t tell you how surprised I have been by the number of times my clients have come back and told me how useful this piece of advice is.

Now I’ll share it with you.

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Wine List Value Plays: Beaujolais

Beaujolais Cru Fleurie

I recently attended a wine tasting with all Beaujolais wines and I was reminded of what excellent values these wines represent.  The most interesting trend for me was the development of single vineyard Cru wines – and some of them showed real potential.

Enjoy a repost of this one

The wine list can be intimidating and especially when you are on a budget.  While its easy to step up to the plate and order the predictable and safe Caymus or SilverOak at $200 a bottle, there are plenty of places on a wine list where you can have an awesome bottle of wine and not break the bank.

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